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Masterpieces: Painting and Sculpture // As one of the first modern civic collections in Germany, the Kunsthalle Mannheim, founded in 1909, accommodates impressive international works of art from the early 19th century to the present. The collection stock of around 1,900 paintings comprises key works of the Romantic period, French Impressionism, German Expressionism and international modern art – from Caspar David Friedrich to Francis Bacon. The exquisite collection of sculptures includes top-class sculptural works by Auguste Rodin, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Henry Moore, and Richard Long. The scholarly prepared catalogue of masterpieces brings together the rich collection stocks in an opulently illustrated volume – a visual pleasure not only for art connoisseurs!
Founded as a museum in 1909, the Mannheim stock of paintings and sculptures ranks among the most renowned civic collections in Germany. Today comprising 1,900 paintings, 850 sculptures, ca. 34,000 works on paper and around 800 objects of applied art, it accommodates masterpieces by artists from Edouard Manet to Francis Bacon, Auguste Rodin to Henry Moore, Richard Long and Thomas Hirschhorn. The exhibition policy and the collection concept were internationally oriented from the very start, and thanks to the foresight of the museum directors, a both widely varied and high-quality stock has been compiled. When looking back on the more than 100-year history of collecting, one finds that the outstanding focuses in painting are on French and German Impressionism, Expressionism, the figurative painting of New Objectivity, German and French Informel, as well as the art of Nouveau Rèalisme. In the area of sculpture, the spectrum ranges from late classicism via Jugendstil to the era of European modernism including Expressionism, Cubism and Futurism; it comprises figurative sculptures from the first half of the 20th century and international sculptural art from 1945 to the present. Eds. Inge Herold, Ulrike Lorenz, Stefanie Patruno
Authors: Inge Herold, Karoline Hille Mathias Listl, Ulrike Lorenz, Stefanie Patruno, Anne Vieth
486 pages with ca. 320 colour illustrations; also available in an English version
ISBN 978-3-86832-164-7
Sales price in the museum: 39.80 €

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