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“Painting Adopters Wanted!” – Community Restoration Initiative // The Kunsthalle Mannheim kicked off its “Adopt a Painting” project with this appeal in 2009 for private donations to fund urgently needed restoration work on the collection’s most important pieces. The initiative was led by two Mannheim art enthusiasts: Dr. Adelheid Weiss and Dr. Jens Kirsch. The Friends of the Kunsthalle Mannheim also pitched in, and with their support, 36 paintings, 6 sculptures, and 11 graphic works along with about 60 frames were restored at a cost of over 30,000 euros. Thanks to the commitment shown by numerous citizens of Mannheim as well as foundations and businesses, the project became a much-lauded success story. But many artworks and frames have yet to be restored. That’s why we’re still looking for “painting adopters” who can contribute to restoring the renowned Mannheim collection to its full glory. Individuals can adopt a frame with a contribution starting from €250 and a painting from €500 and adoptions by organizations are also very welcome. Donors will receive a donation receipt in recognition of their support.
Dr. Inge Herold
Vice Director of the Kunsthalle Mannheim

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