Kunsthalle / Journal #3 / Voices from the city

“The new building at the Kunsthalle represents an attractive meeting place for art and architecture. The spatial concept of a “city within a city” will enable a completely new art reception and invoke interest from visitors well outside of Mannheim and the metropolitan region.”

Michael Grötsch,
Major of Mannheim
“The city here is packed into a square;
The wire comes on the wheel,
The woman packs her children inside,
And goes without horse to Pforzheim.
Now it’s time “city within the city” – Mannheim!”

Inayet Bostanci, chairwoman of Connecticum Mannheim

“On the prettiest square in Mannheim, an exceptional new building is growing day by day, referencing the city in a square. Square shapes and clear cubic forms are tangent to the round—to some extent, Mannheim’s square shape in a circle and, at the same time, a contemporary architectonic answer to the never-ending search for an ideal city. We can soon be curious about what to expect from the inside.”

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Nieß, city archive of Mannheim – institute of city history

“As a colleague of the museum I have been following the building progress of the Kunsthalle with great interest. Spacious rooms with short paths on the inside can be seen from the outside and we are eagerly awaiting the completion of the exterior façade which will characterize this important building for Mannheim. Will pink watering cans then force their spouts through the site fence?”

Dr. Hartwig Lüdtke,
Director of TECHNOSEUM

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