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Moving into the future!

Dear art lovers, supporters, and partners,

We’re about to embark on one of the most exciting years in the history of the Kunsthalle: At the end of 2017, we will open our spectacular new museum building in the heart of Mannheim. Seven “exhibition- houses” will surround the light and airy courtyard, enclosed by a transparent metal mesh. Within these 5,800 square meters, you will be able to experience both our impressive collection from two centuries and contemporary art that reveals new ways of experiencing the present and anticipating the future.
And as an open “city-within-a-city”, we’ll offer even more: Visitors can take a stroll around the art and architecture, enjoy our fine dining and reasonably priced bar, and browse through books and beautiful objects in the museum shop. The Kunsthalle is a meeting place for everyone seeking inspiration and cultured relaxation, or simply a refreshing break in the middle of their day. 
The Kunsthalle will close on January 8, 2017. Behind the scenes, the new building will be connected to the historic Art Nouveau Wing. At the same time, we’ll be bringing back our collections of almost 4,000 paintings, sculptures, and design objects. Until we reopen, you can access the Kunsthalle around the clock online. At kunsthalle-mannheim.de, you can enjoy 1,500 digitalized masterpieces from our graphic collection and keep up to speed with our news. Over the course of the year, we will continue to expand our digital collection and share our plans for the new building.

For now, I wish you a wonderful festive season with family and friends and an energetic start to 2017. Keep in touch with the Kunsthalle and stay curious! We look forward to sharing an exciting year of art, both within and beyond the construction site fence as well as online.

Ulrike Lorenz
Director, Kunsthalle Mannheim

Watch the new film about Kunsthalle Mannheim and stroll through the building: Enjoy four minutes of visionary anticipation!

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