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"ARTgenossen" // We are interested in art. Nothing unusual, really. But: we are all younger than thirty years. And that is quite unusual considering the fact that most museum events seem to be populated by folks well above the forties. We relish the opportunity to meet with people who share the same age and the same interest in the arts, and who enjoy debating its related issues. Being part of the Friends of the Kunsthalle Mannheim means we get plenty of opportunities to take a peek behind the scenes of this great museum.
And what exactly is it, what we are doing? Just come along and join a meeting without any obligation: Every first Wednesday of the month we meet for an “art break” – a get-together in the Kunsthalle followed by a glass of wine. We also visit artists in their studios, drive to other museums, host workshops and generally do the things we are interested in or curious about. The big event to mark down in your diary is our annual “ART vs. PARTY – PARTY vs. ART” at the Kunsthalle Mannheim: live music, art-happenings, guided tours through the exhibition and DJs all until the early hours of the following day.

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