Kunsthalle / Mission

Our Mission // The Kunsthalle Mannheim is a place of aesthetic experience. It enables a dialogue between viewer and artwork. With its collection of German and European, modern and contemporary art and its programmatic exhibitions, it is a meeting place for people of all generations seeking intelligent recreation. Inspiration and insights arise from our cultural mediation work. We distinguish ourselves in the network of art museums by giving innovative impulses in research and mediation. We are dedicated to furthering the development of contemporary art in a creative alliance with artists. Our mission is to arouse appreciation for the art of our times.
Museum in Motion: The Kunsthalle Mannheim ranks among the top citizens’ collections of modern art in Germany. With outstanding works by artists from Edouard Manet to Francis Bacon, a singular focus on sculptural art and programmatic exhibitions, it counted as a beacon of the German museum scene. It was where Gustav F. Hartlaub in 1925 coined the epoch-making term New Objectivity, where French Informel premiered in 1958 and Francis Bacon presented his first show on the continent in 1962. Today, the Kunsthalle gives fresh impetus to current discourses with presentations of contemporary pioneering artists or currently its self-reflective show Only Sculpture! Based on these resources, we are developing our vision for the future. It is our aim to again take on a pioneering position in the competition with similar museums. This means being a lively, mid-size museum of modern and contemporary art with a distinct programmatic orientation that – supported by the cultural self-confidence of an urban metropolis and the loyal patronage of its citizens – attracts and enthrals a broad and diverse public with intelligent exhibition ideas, innovative presentation concepts and precise mediation offers. Under the motto “Museum in Motion”, we are now redefining ourselves by anticipating and creating an institution that moves people and is itself in motion, that dynamises the capital of its collections, actively participates in the development of contemporary art and involves both art producers and art recipients in its work. As an important precondition for this, we are planning a specially tailored museum architecture in the centre of Mannheim together with the renowned architects’ office gmp.

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