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Discover art through a variety of experiences // With its digital strategy, the Kunsthalle Mannheim is opening up new fields of activity and communication channels. The aim of this strategy is not only to make the Kunsthalle accessible worldwide, but also to appeal to a younger, tech-savvy audience. Whether you’re using the Kunsthallen app when you’re on the move, or exploring the collection wall in the atrium of the new building, art is in effect everywhere and the exhibition space has no limits. “The experience of original art in exchange with others is something that no smartphone can or should replace,” explains Dr. Ulrike Lorenz, director of the Kunsthalle Mannheim. “But we aim to use technology to prepare and guide our visitors—not only with background information, but with experiences, experiments, games, online courses, and other unique opportunities.”

Smartphone-App This is the heart of our digital strategy. The Kunsthalle app functions as a “city guide”: It provides an entertaining and precise commentary, helps you confidently navigate the entire Kunsthalle, and guides you through the collections and exhibitions. You can also use it before and after your visit, wherever you are. You can access information on exhibitions, artists, opening times, and events from home or on the move. It also lets you book tickets and reserve a table in the museum restaurant. More importantly, however, the app helps enhance your personal experience of the art thanks to interactive graphics, animated films, interviews, videos, tweets, posts, games, and experiments. The app allows you to “collect ”your favorite works and to leave comments for other visitors.

Collection Wall
The massive touchscreen acts as an interactive board, allowing visitors to get a sense of the entire collection and the hidden storerooms at a glance. Visitors can also access information about the works that are not currently on display. The touchscreen allows you to put together a personal tour, or to gather your favorite works to form a personal museum catalog. Thanks to its eye-catching appearance and interactive nature, the collection wall draws visitors into the Kunsthalle atrium. The screen will also occasionally be used for video art and special digital events.
Personal Museum Catalog Visitors can act as curators and create their own small exhibition from the collection, or assemble a gallery of their favorite works. They can design and print their personal catalog at one of the special terminals at the end of their visit, and the catalog can be shared with others on social media.
The New Website The relaunch of the Kunsthalle website at the end of 2017 is an important milestone in our digital strategy. The website shares information about upcoming events and our program, as well as about exhibitions and research. You can also browse through the collection here.

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