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Digitalization // The main goal of the multiyear “Sammlung Online” project is to make all the treasures in the Kunsthalle Mannheim’s collection available to everyone around the clock. Audio clips, videos, and concise blocks of text—appropriate for all audiences—draw vibrant connections between paintings and sculptures, and between contemporary installations and works from the past: What inspired this artist’s working concept? Why did that artist use those particular materials in her work? What historic event does the painting treat? What does the restoration process reveal about a sculpture?

Digital Journey through the Cosmos of the Collection
This digitally enhanced journey through the Kunsthalle’s collection is accessible to all, entertaining, and provides an in-depth examination of individual works of art. Ideally, it’s used during a visit to the Kunsthalle, but it can also be used before or after a visit, and even remotely. You can access the online collection everywhere, and the digital offer is simple to access and intuitive to use. The body of knowledge can be explored by following various paths, both guided and independent: You can search according to subject or artist, epoch or style. Or you can begin with the history of the Kunsthalle’s collection and exhibitions.
Thomas Schmidt, the young art historian and Germanist responsible for the digital project, is particularly eager to provide resources for digital natives: “The online collection is the point of entry into the Kunsthalle. We want to say, “Welcome! Go ahead and snap, post, share, remix, mash-up, and tweet—from home, on the move, or right from the Kunsthalle atrium.” This is where you’ll find free electricity bars—and the original artworks. The website and the original works in the museum form an indivisible whole. However, only in the Kunsthalle Mannheim itself can you experience the true fascination of this unique combination. You’ll be able to discover it for yourself from late 2017, when the Neue Kunsthalle Mannheim opens and the online collection goes live.

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